2016 Chinese International Student Career Planning Survey



公益之路, Bigger every single step; 追求梦想,We never stop !”

Initiated by North America Career Express Association, with the cooperation of Chinese-American Engineers and Scientists Association of Southern California, All America Chinese Youth Federation, Southwestern Chinese Students and Scholars Association, World Youth Development Forum, and several other American and Chinese commonweal organizations, the launching ceremony of the very first national public investigation-“Chinese International Student Career Planning Survey”-is held at Ronald Tutor Campus Center in the University of Southern California on October 9. Almost a hundred people have attended the ceremony, including the heads of the student unions from many of the well-known universities in southern California, as well as pubic figure from all walks of life.

The public investigation will need to take 2 months, and it will be give mainly in 50 universities with the most concentrated Chinese international students, Fang (Julia) Liu-the board chairman of North America Career Express Association-states in her speech. In order to help them in a more effective way by means of commonweal, she says, the purpose of this survey is to learn more about the confusion of abroad students about employment & career development and in the filed of law, and to find their unknown blind spots.

Through the experience of providing a large number of career planning activities and community pubic welfare activities, Julia indicates, she and her team find the employment opportunities and access to information channels for international students are limited. Besides, they learn about from different aspects that international students are lack of cognition of American society and understanding of employment and relevant laws, due to their long run to help students solve various problem of employment. These features have brought a lot of issues for Chinese abroad students in search of jobs and the process of entrepreneurship. Base on the present situation, Julia with her team has spent the whole summer to set up and adjust the problems, and they eventually decide to launch the survey officially in the fall of this year; they will release the related investigation report at the annual meeting held at the end of January, 2017.

The questions involved in the questionnaire have three parts, and they are all mainly about how Chinese international students think of the first step in the face of the career. The first part of the investigation is to learn about how many students success in employment there are having planned in advance to accumulate knowledge and experiences for their own career development. The second part is to find whether the students participating in non-profit organization and with volunteer experiences have advantages in future career and the development of entrepreneurship. The last part is to see if students have the awareness to ask professional institutions and legal experts for help, while they are in the workplace or legal issues.

They hope to better help these students, Julia expresses, and they first must understand the difficulties of current Chinese abroad students more deeply, so that they can provide them effective help through the way of commonweal, which can also save more limited public resources. It is inevitable that there is a lot of difficulties on their way of doing commonweal, but their participation in commonweal has a profound impact on the first step of international students toward career, so they hope to find like-minded young people to join them in order to create a better future for their communities and themselves.

This pubic investigation is just the first attempt, North America Career Express Association will choose a different theme every year to get to know more about updated demand of the international students after this. The nationwide recruitment of campus public investigators will be launched subsequently.

 According to the introduction, the propaganda poster is designed by volunteer Xiangyin Li. and the questionnaire is made up of volunteer Lei He-a UC Berkeley Statistic graduate now learning in UCI and Harvard student Haofeng Tang.

Here is the link and QR code of the questionnaire:



Guests attending the launching ceremony of the day are: Yong Li, Manjian Ying, Southwestern Chinese Students and Scholars Association vice presidents; Hongna Yang, World Youth Development Forum; Ji Li, Jiachen Gao, USC Chinese Graduate Students Association president, vice president; Kailun Xiao, Jieqiong He, Xinle Yao, USC Chinese Students and Scholars Association members; Taoyuan Ma, Chen Zhang, East Los Angeles College students; Wanzi (Michelle) Zhang, University of California Irvine student; Zichang (Joseph) Chen, Bingqing Yu, Southern California student leaders from Pepperdine University; Dr Yue Rong, CESASC former president; Xiangdong Ren, All America Chinese Youth Federation president; Liping Ren, Tongrentang president in LA region; Mark Liu, head of Peace and Humanity Memorial Hall; Yutao He, LEAP CEO; Sophie Zeng, American Chinese Anti-Cancer Association member; Yi (Grace) Gao, 2016 Outstanding Non-profit Organization Volunteer; Yunzhao, Yuewen Cai, and Fei Pang, lawyers of well-known law firm from mainstream society.

North America Career Express Association is a non-profit organization with a very high popularity among abroad students in recent years, which is dedicated to provide employment guidance and recruitment information for Chinese international students, and establishes a widespread contact with a number of well-known enterprises, social organizations, Chinese International Students Associations of different universities, and professionals in every field. North America Career Express Association hosts all kinds of commonweal and service activities at different universities all the year round, and its team members are basically excellent international students from China. (Written by Yi Gao)

Resource: The Los Angeles Post

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