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Time: 01/21/2017 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm (Check in: 5:30 pm)

Address:Hacienda Heights Community Center

1234 Valencia Ave, Hacienda Heights, CA 91745

Capacity: Approximately 300

Fee: Invitation only with free buffet

Organizer: North America Career Express Association

Co-Organizer: Major non-profit organizations, student volunteer organizations, and enterprises


This forum aims at gathering aspiring youths who devote themselves to the developments of community service, public welfare and philanthropic undertaking and those organizations or enterprises with a sense of social responsibilities to highlight give back to community through this event.

  • Outstanding International Volunteers Scholarship” and “Career Express award for public interests” award ceremony will be held during the forum to honor international and American volunteers who made outstanding contribution to the development of community service within the North American region.
  • Launching the ‘Love &Care Fund for International Students’ Families officially
  • Publishing the report of “Chinese International Student Career Planning Survey in the United States
  • Releasing the 2016 fiscal expenditure report


The forum is a form of charity dinner along with awards ceremonies, which mainly organize and manage by North American Career Express association with jointly organization of  xxx units and xxx units.

Cultural performances and other forms of activities will be interspersed in the dinner in order to come alive the atmosphere.

Guests and Audience:

  • Guest: Politicians, consular agents, business, education, charities, volunteers and so on.
  • Audience: volunteers, youths and professionals who understand the needs of children’s development and their current living status in the United States and have a vision of the children’s future development.
  • Potential participants: people who care about the development of public welfare undertaking and the professional development of the international students and start-ups.

Process of Dinner:

  1. Starting with a speech of welcome given by the representative of the North America Career Express Association, and broadcasting the propaganda of the North American career express association, hereafter announcing the official start of the forum.
  2. Inviting political and the representative of diamond benevolent sponsors to give an opening speech, also they will be the presenters for scholarship winner
  3. During the dinner time, the volunteers ‘activities photo will be displayed in a loop meanwhile interspersed with cultural performances
  4. Charity Auction Activie section (The Lots are provided by Chinese students or other channels, such as but not limited to handmade products, paintings, porcelain, antiques, red wine, etc.)

Media Support:

8sian, The China Press,  Xinhua News Agency, World Journal, sing tao daily, Global Times, Spicy Media, College daily, USstudent and so on.

Initiated by North America Career Express Association, with the cooperation of Chinese-American Engineers and Scientists Association of Southern California, All America Chinese Youth Federation, Southwestern Chinese Students and Scholars Association, World Youth Development Forum, and several other American and Chinese commonweal organizations, the launching ceremony of the very first national public investigation-“Chinese International Student Career Planning Survey”-is held at Ronald Tutor Campus Center in the University of Southern California on October 9. Almost a hundred people have attended the ceremony, including the heads of the student unions from many of the well-known universities in southern California, as well as pubic figure from all walks of life.

The public investigation will need to take 2 months, and it will be give mainly in 50 universities with the most concentrated Chinese international students, Julia Bulanda-the board chairman of North America Career Express Association-states in her speech. In order to help them in a more effective way by means of commonweal, she says, the purpose of this survey is to learn more about the confusion of abroad students about employment & career development and in the filed of law, and to find their unknown blind spots.

Through the experience of providing a large number of career planning activities and community pubic welfare activities, Julia indicates, she and her team find the employment opportunities and access to information channels for international students are limited. Besides, they learn about from different aspects that international students are lack of cognition of American society and understanding of employment and relevant laws, due to their long run to help students solve various problem of employment. These features have brought a lot of issues for Chinese abroad students in search of jobs and the process of entrepreneurship. Base on the present situation, Julia with her team has spent the whole summer to set up and adjust the problems, and they eventually decide to launch the survey officially in the fall of this year; they will release the related investigation report at the annual meeting held at the end of January, 2017.

-Reported by The Los Angeles Post

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